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Annika Name Origin

Annika is a feminine name that means favor” or grace”. It is the Swedish diminutive (pet) form of Anna. Because there is a substantial Swedish ethnic population in Finland, the name is also used there. Since its original use in thos countries, the name also became common in Germany, Finland and Estonia after 1969 from the character of that name in the Pippi Longstocking TV series and film. 

The name “Annika” is equivalent to Anneke in Dutch, Annichen in Norwegian, or any number of other national or ethnic variations.

The root of Annika, namely Anna, is the Latinate form of HANNAH, which appears briefly in the New Testament belonging to a prophetess who recognized Jesus as the Messiah.

Famous Women Named Annika

Annika Bryn – Swedish author and freelance journalistAnnika Drazek – German bobsledder, track & field athlete
Annika Fredén
– Swedish former handball player
Annika Kipp
– German television presenter
Annika Kjærgaard
– Swedish singer
Annika Langvad
– Danish former cross-mountain bicyclist
Annika Lemström
– Finnish former competitive sailor
Annika Norlin
– Swedish pop artist and journalist

Annika Mombauer – British academic and historian
Annika Reeder – British former artistic gymnast
Annika Saarikko – Finnish politician
Annika Svahn – 18th century Finnish POW of Russia
Annika Sörenstam – Swedish professional golfer
Annika Tammela – Estonian soccer player (died at 21)
Annika Uvehall – Swedish former competitive swimmer
Annika Viilo
– Finnish former orienteering competitor

Annika Norlin

Sweedish Pop Artist and Journalist

Annika Saarikko

Finnish politician and minister

Annika Drazek

German athlete

Annika Name Polularity

Last year,  Annika was the 802nd most popular girl’s baby name in the USA. In Sweden, it is the 50th most popular name, but fewer children are given this name at birth than previously.

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Annika Variations

There are seeral spellings of the name Annika, which vary from region to region. 

Annica, Annicka, Annichen, Anniken, Annikki, Anniki, Annike, Anouk, Anninka, Annikka, Anneke, Anneka, Anekah, Annick, Aneka and many more!

Annika Nicknames

Annie, Anne, Anni, Nika, Anna, Ann, Aundy, Ani, Nan, Niki ,Nikki, An, Nik, AnkAnnie, Anne, Anni, Nika, Anna, Ann, Aundy, Ani, Nan, Niki ,Nikki, An, Nik, Ank